Information Governance Framework Documents

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In 2016 members of the MAV Local Government Information Governance Group held two workshops to collaborate with eAssure on developing an Information Governance Framework. Information has been collated from various sources, including: PROV, NAA, DPPC, councils and business. The documents produced will inform us on management of shared cloud solutions, business systems records management integrity and support consistency of practice across the sector.

The draft documents attached are the first round of documents produced. these are for review only. Final documents will be published and distributed upon endorsement of the Committee.

1.0 Business Applications and Records Policy 2016 – Draft

1.b Business Application Information Management Assessment workbook – 2016

1.c.1 Business Application Decomissioning Register 2016 Draft

1.c Business Application Decommissiong Procedure 2016 – Draft

1.a Business Application Record Keeping Functional Requirements 2016 – Draft