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Collectively we are custodians of public information
We manage data assets created today
We protect collections inherited from our past
We capture and preserve all for the public of today and of the future
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Victorian Councils have a history of proudly servicing the community, business, and other tiers of government. Councils’ rely on information to provide services, make policy decisions and report on performance promptly, accurately and effectively.

In 2022 we see that councils’ financial sustainability and performance is even more heavily scrutinised, with smaller and rural councils being increasingly put under the microscope.

COVID-19 and subsequent pandemic outbreaks have heavily impacted on the way we can provide our services.

We are more than ever providing services and managing information within limited budgets, resources and capability.

Current information management practices are now being challenged with a greater emphasis on managing information and providing services via a virtual environment.

The spotlight is focussed on digital transformation, maintenance, skilling up of the workforce for hybrid work, and to continue to support our community fully and timely while keeping costs down. For more information on our formation and purpose follow the links below.

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Would you like training on Project Management? A recent article about how Cardinia now uses project management tools effectively to manage their multiple records and information management projects is available HERE.