Information Governance ToolKit and Minutes of April and June LGIG Meetings

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Information Governance is critical is a post paper dependent and transforming digital world. More than ever information can easily expose organisations and individuals when security is poor and the value of data is misunderstood. A good information governance strategy that is implemented and effectively applied across the organisation can save much grief. A good starting point to understanding your needs is to conduct an information asset audit and prepare a register.

The Information Asset Register will inform you on the value of your data assets, who needs the information, why it is needed, how often it is accessed, your data owners, how long it should be maintained, and in what format. You can start to build up cross relationship data sets, to analysis for add value information.
Below are example templates that can be used to build your asset knowledge base.
Information Asset Fact Sheet

Information Asset Register Template in WORD FORMAT

Included below is a discussion presentation from the meeting of LGIG on the 30 June 2017.
Information Asset Register Workshop

Information Asset Register Project Presentation

While Information Governance covers the whole organisation, we should perhaps also measure how well Records Management Business Units are managing during these turbulent and demanding times of change. Below are examples for practical use that can be applied now within your business to measure performance of your service.

Example – RM Business Unit Compliance – 2017


Also for your information is included minutes of both the Committee and members meeting of the 30 June 2017 and the workshop presentation from Roger Buhlert at the April workshop on Land Titles.

2017 04 07 Minutes MAV LGIG Workshop

2017 06 30 Minutes MAV LGIG Committee Meeting

2017 06 30 Minutes MAV LGIG Members Meeting

INT1718122 Land Titles Project presentation to MAV LGIG
Finally, the following article illustrates just how valuable data is considered in this information age.
Win the battle for information