Records Management in the News – September October 2015

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Information and Records Management continues to feature in our news.  The shift towards digital governance and digital business is increasing creating a demand for good knowledge and information workers. The evidence shows that there is greater expectation for records professionals to work more closely with Information Technology professionals and build greater knowledge and skills on a process, integration, people and culture to support the shift to digital business.

Articles featured this month include:-

Priceless Records in Morgue Flood – The New York Times Insider

Public service to ban paper in boxes

Digital signing – Future Proof

Digital Paper and Orée Stylograph pen takes notes while you take notes

Commonwealth of Australia Digital Continuity 2020 Policy

Belcher review grasps the nettle on internal red tape – Digital transformation agenda for government

Red Tape Review recommends digital transformation agenda

As we consider responsibilities in managing digital information note that scammers are on the rise and personal information is a target.  They are getting smarter and the cost to business and individuals is rising.  We all have a responsibility to ensure that we are privacy and security smart in managing and our and others personal information.  These stories have featured over several years culminating in recent legislative changes and even arrests.  Records and information has been used to defraud. Police have been able to follow the crumbs though to identify the mastermind behind one of the biggest scams to hurt Australian Home Owners in recent years.

In November 2015 Victoria joined Western Australia and South Australia in requiring the identity of signatories to all documents lodged at the Titles Office to be verified.  The new requirements aim to reduce fraud by placing an obligation on conveyancing professionals to take reasonable steps to verify that the person signing a document on behalf of their client is who they say they are and that they have the right to enter into that transaction.  The Registrar of Titles has recently confirmed that these requirements apply to section 173 agreements. More importantly, failure to comply with the verification of identity requirements may lead to the Registrar refusing to register the documents on the relevant Certificate of Title.

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