Records Management in the News – November December 2015

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As we move through the 21st Century we will hear more and more about “Cognitive Computing”.  What does this mean?

Having computers behave and interact like people is the future.

Sam Volkering, reporting from London on the advances of robotics and how this may affect services we currently deliver.

While some may see this technology as a threat, it need not be so.  A whole new world of opportunity awaits to utilitise the records manager’s skills. While jobs will certainly disappear for white collar workers, managing metadata, applying business rules to capture metadata is becoming more important than ever.  New jobs will replace the old with a demand for skills and knowledge that the records manager typically use.  The basic principles of records management are more important than ever before. Here we see the power of metadata to intelligently inform.

Metadata provides context, adds value, and can be used to aggregate data for analysis and intelligence.  Here we see the convergence of technology and records management principles in action.

We will hear more about this in the news in the months and years ahead.

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