Records Management in the News – January February 2016

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Will 2016 be a great year for records management? Records management is still in the news.  Some of our news stories refer back to stories from 2007 as issues come home to roost.  Government awareness of the importance of good practice, of going digital to compete in the global market, importance of managing security risks are getting a mention in the news.

Perhaps the headlines don’t scream records management but the content reported supports the importance and value that good records management gives.  Sharing examples from the following articles can assist you inform your agencies on their responsibilities to good record keeping, the benefits of embracing changes needed to benefit everyone, and what they need to do to avoid risks and pitfalls in the digital age.

FOCUS ARTICLE JANUARY 2016 What did we learn in records management in 2015 and what lies ahead for 2016

Security – Ashley Madison hack fallout begins as security analysts say data dump is genuine

Digital Risks – Paperless government why its failing and how to fix it

Digital Risks – Paper dinosaur or a digital disaster

Digital Risks – Minister tells hospitals they must have virus

Digital – Old MacDonald Had Big Data

Digital – Is ANAO aware we are in a post-document world

Digital – Health industry needs to go mobile

Digital – Data retention creep

Digital – Why digital transformation will fail without the right leadership

Digital – Coalitions Policy for eGovernment and the Digital Economy

Digital – Counting the cost of cloud

Digital – Preparing for the digital transformation tsunami

PROV Record Storage Pre Inspection checklist 2016

PROV opens records to Victoria’s most heinious crimes

PROV Issues Paper Cloud Computing with Risk Analysis Template

PROV DPCD Cloud Computing Discussion Paper 2015

PROV Cloud Computing Tools Guide 2013

PROV Cloud Computing Issues Implications for Records Management 2013

PROV Cloud Computing Decision Making Guide 2013

PROV APROSS Storage of Records

Records Management – Public sector organisations criticised for poor recordkeeping

Records Management – Ive Seen the Future of ECM and Its Not ECM

Records Management – Immigration Department dammed Baxter Immigration Centre Case

Security – The Department of Veterans Affairs Health Information and Privacy Breach

Security – Looking Back Still Not Serious About Online Security

Security – Issues-Paper-Cloud-Computing

Security – How the blockchain will become our new signature

Security – Border Force granted metadata access

Security – Australian organisations sign letter rejecting government encryption ban

Security Risk- 5 biggest cybersecurity concerns facing CIOs

Management – We dont need to be clever – just less stupid

Thanks to Alan Kong, PROV for finding these snippets and sharing.  If you are not subscribed to IDM re recommend that you do.  Most Councils would have a subscription directly to their IT Departments so you should have easy access to the latest news.  They are reporting a lot on Cloud, EDRM and CRM, security and risk issues, big data and what that means for us records practitioners and the changing world of digital business.  It is important that we keep up to date on what is happening around and be aware of new technologies that may assist our organisations or that we may need to support.  Alan has highlighted some interesting articles below.

Digital – 5 digital business predictions for 2016

Digital – Digital Processes at NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

Security Risk – Draft data breach notification Bill released

Security – The biggest mistakes in sharing knowledge

Security – Number of data related incidents rising says AIIM

Security Risk – Records risk for NZ public sector

Digital Security – New European Data Protection Laws

Digital Security – EU Commission and United States agree on new framework for transatlantic data flows

Digital – Taxonomy Design Best Practice

Digital – Paperless office remains a pipe dream for many

Digital – Mining the knowledge locked in ECM

Digital – Where is the real value in Big Data

Digital – The Challenge with Legacy EDRMS

Digital – Records management refresher

Digital – Cloud Services – Are there storm clouds looming in 2016

Digital – 70 percent of the world will be mobile users

Management – Why nobody can find the National Wind Farm Commission website

Security – Who is stealing whose software

Do you manage a team?  If so, the following articles offer inspiration, advice and are good resources to assist build teams, strengthen your own knowledge and skills. Applying the principles offered can help prepare you to positively influence others as we journey the digital record keeping road.

Management – The Pure Joy of Finally Finishing a Marathon

Management – The Keys to Forming Effective Teams

Management – The Game-Changing Book You Must Read

Management – Governance and Recordkeeping Around the World newsletter

Management – Ditch the Old Dreams That Are Holding You Back

Management – Two Friends Who Share the Finer Socks in Life

Global Trends – Governance and Recordkeeping Around the World newsletter

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