Records Management in the News August 2015

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August 2015 has been a big month for records managers.  From matters relating to application and management of big data, technology changing the job landscape which will ultimately affect us, to hackers and  security leaks, the stories keep on coming.  Of particular interest is the speed at which technology is changing.  The challenge is to keep up with it. How are we doing, records manager?  Governments?  Business owners? And individuals?  The Ashley Madison affair and Facebook defamation articles highlight consequences for individuals and organisations when information is not properly controlled.

Legal implications, security, privacy, data sovereignty and even personal and national security needs to be considered when assessing value against risk of introducing new technology and services.

Even more challenging and exciting (depending how you look at it) is the news from ANZ and their use of robotics to replace much of the repetitive process administration work of their employees. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of opinion. Regardless it is happening, will continue to happen and the wise employee will accept and upskill to meet the 21st Century needs of government and business to remain employable.

The following news articles will challenge you to consider our future:-

ACCC must wake up to big data

Facebook defamation surge challenges courts

Rise of the machines as ANZ brings in robot workers to do the

The Ashley Madison affair – theft of data

Trend Watch Mobile Payments

Electronic pickpocketing

Fraudsters swindle MYKI cards of millions

Hackers steal credit card details of thousands using MyCause charity website

Council data security shockingly lax