Information Management in Vic Government

Information Management in Vic Government

2008 – 2019

While we can celebrate the achievement of individual councils, for some councils the lack of resources and capability inhibits the ability to manage information more strategically.  To affect monumental change councils elected to innovate, collaborate and strive to support the transition to digital business by participating in the Electronic Content Management Step Program.

Electronic Content Management Step Program

In order to support Victorian local government agencies Councils formed a records and information management special interest group in collaboration with the MAV. Our purpose was to develop the Electronic Content Management Step Program. This would provide the framework on which Councils could build capability and capacity to meet good record keeping standard practice within their organisation.

The Electronic Content Management (ECM) STEP Program has grown from a step-by- step capacity and capability building program for Electronic Content Management within Victorian Local Government that has enabled councils to strengthen record keeping practice to an essential tool that assists Councils navigate the complex digital transformation essential for delivery of modern day services and information sharing.

Historically, the ECM Step Program was based on the:

Plan-Do-Check-Act continuous improvement approach and is equally relevant today.

Participation in the ECM Step Program incorporates:

  • An assessment of council’s electronic content (records management) framework.
  • Participation in a series of capability works aimed at increase capability in managing electronic content.
  • Access to the ECM Wiki which currently stores Records Management policy, procedural, training documentation that has been developed in conjunction with councils for common use.

ECM Better Practice Guide and Digital Information Governance Maturity in 2022

2019 – 2022

The LGIG Committee developed the  ECM Better Practice Framework (GPF) to assist Councils in assessing their awareness and level of adoption of sector-wide accepted ‘good practices’. This continues to provide a baseline for member councils on the health of their organisational record keeping practice.

In 2022 we will tender for support services to aid members meet the demands of the new digital business economy. We will continue to support member councils in their digital transformation with collaborative support, training, workshops and education.

Your involvement with the LGIG as a member can contribute to make the Local Government Sector strong. As we learn about the latest opportunities in technology advances, develop new skills and share knowledge from working in the new hybrid, virtual environment we are able to support one another to mature our organisation technical and digital literacy to meet the challenges of this new age. Membership is one small payment. It is not limited to one representative from your Council. Membership is open to anyone within your organisation. Often, meetings are a positive way to introduce your Records Team, your manager, or other employees of your organisation to the vast wealth of knowledge that we have available.  Topics often reach into other disciplines, such as:

  • Maternal and Child Health and CDIS
  • Information Technology and Microsoft 365
  • Information Governance, privacy, security and business systems
  • Web services, social media, forms design and management
  • Customer Services
  • Governance and Councillor Support
  • Procurement and Contracts – Records and Privacy Impact Assessments prior to procurement

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