What is Happening with FOI

Ruth ECM, Newsletter

Hi MAV ECM Step Program participants.

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 was amended again on 18 December 2012. Please find below the link to the latest version:




The changes came about due to the Integrity and Accountability Legislation Amendment Act 2012 and have impacted upon sections 54, 55, 59 and 69. These sections, however, do not alter the way we should assess received requests.



The Local Government FOI Network are working on preparing a Section 8: Part 2 Statement that all Councils can use to publish on their websites.  Each Council participating is taking a functional area of Council, consulting with the internal experts, to ensure they collect the relevant information on the Acts under which that function is delivered.  All the gathered information will be collated into a single reference document and distributed to participating Councils. A Section 8 Part 2 Statement is a required record of publically available information that all Councils must provide to comply with the Act.

Gathering this information is a monumental task given the number of Acts with which Local Government operates.  Each must be referenced to ensure we have collated every piece of legislation that governs public information accessibility.  The Local Government FOI Network are working hard to ensure that they produce a complete product as early as possible this year.

We will keep you updated as more unfolds.