Information Assets

Data Security in the News

With the formation of the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC) Records and Information Management professionals, and Information Communications and Technology professional have clear guidelines for management of data security. One of the foundational requirements that is expected from OVIC is that all government agencies will complete a Protective Data Security Plan (PDSP) and attest annually on progress.  At the core of the plan it is clear that an Information Asset Register must be completed to fully understand and comprehend the geography and content of information that falls within the responsibility of each agencies.  This includes documenting risk factors of all data and information, whether digital or physical, on premise on in the cloud, outsourced or shared resourced, ownership of systems and content, date range of content and risks to individuals, the organisation or nation in the event of a breach.

The following contents are a collection of documents collated from members meetings and presentations from OVIC.

  1. Information Asset Register Template in WORD FORMAT
  2. Information Asset Register Workshop
  3. Example – RM Business Unit Compliance – 2017
  4. Information Asset Register Project Presentation
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