Records Management in the News October – December 2016

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2016 has definitely been the year of digital tsuanami. It has also been called the year of digital disruption. There has been an overwhelming number of news articles, reports, posts and tweets published on digital advances, data breaches and subsequent consequences, messages on how digital will change jobs and what it means to have a job. But the common purpose of why we create records, why we keep records, why we must ensure that records kept uphold their integrity hasn’t changed. And that is good news for us, Information and Records Management professionals. We are well placed to support a better transition into the digital world. We have the skills to be wise advisors, and protect from high risk decisions. We understand how data needs to be grouped, tagged, and challenged to maintain context, integrity and to inform. That is really important as we get into BIG DATA space, into data analysis and reporting. Your skills are marketable in this changing world. You can be assured that you have worth to be successful in a digital world. So I would encourage you to embrace the change, do not be afraid of it, support your organisations to make the best possible decisions so that your customers receive the best possible information that can be delivered.
Information and records management is not just about the technical and process stuff we do day in day out.
It is about the customer experience.
Business and government exist to ensure customers and community needs are met.
A happy customer is profit. A happy customer is harmony. And that leads to harmonious communities. We all want that!
2016 was about digital transformation.
2017 and beyond is about the Customer Experience. We are learning that government and business, to be successful, are beginning to recognise that humans are emotional beings. Emotions need to be acknowledged. Negative emotions could reflect that a need has not been met or an issue heard. Positive emotions generally reflect a that needs have been met. That’s our aim – a happy, satisfied customer.
When was the last time you called an organisation for service, and was passed from person to person, or machine read message to message. Was that a satisfying experience? Were you frustrated? Were you angry? Or did you just give up!
Information at your fingertips is a satisfying experience. Our fast paced living demands quick, efficient and responsive service. Banks have learned that and with the introduction of APPS and online banking are reaping the rewards. Hesitant at first, and suspicious of online banking security, uptake was slow; but now consumers have embraced this as convenient, time and cost saving.
Local Government have something to learn from this lesson. As we look collectively to building APPS and single source of truth portals we cannot ignore good information and records management principles. These ensure information is effectively grouped together for context, information is restricted to only those who should have access, audits that show access and edits, deletes, etc. All good practice.
I think we are going to have a great year 2017. Please keep sharing your articles and stories with our LGIG group.
Have a very safe and happy holiday season over the December/January break. We will catch up again for our next meeting in February 2017.





On another note, privacy is again in the news and debates are heating up across the globe. The following articles are worth considering in training and voicing advice and opinion to government:-