Records Management in the News – May – July 2018

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Robotics, automation and artifical intelligence continue to feature heavily in the news, talk back radio and in documentaries and entertainment. I remember being enthralled with Star Trek, their social structure, their technological advances in medicine, communication, travel and adventure as they discovered new worlds and better ways of living.  Star Trek technology was a dream and far fetched, and yet the 1990’s science fiction is today’s reality.  We are stretching the imagination of man’s brilliant minds to create the impossible fiction into effective functional solutions in work, social entertainment, the shopping experience, home function and even dating. Who is your perfect match?  Your soul mate could be just an algorithm away !

Seriously, AI is impacting the workforce is a big way.  Australia is just on the cusp of what is unfolding to be the biggest industrial disruption to our workforce and social fabric since the industrial revolution of the 1800’s.  And noone can really predict with accuracy how it will turn out.  Scientists, social commentators, leaders are divided on its benefits, risks, controls and ethics that must govern how this newly re-adopted science unfolds and is used.

For your education and learning, several articles that have been published recently are uploaded and hyperlinked. Please share freely with your colleagues so that we are more informed and prepared for what is ahead.  It is important that the dialogue keeps on moving us ahead, keeps us on track, and guards us from painful costly mistakes.

The committee will endeavour to bring educators and knowledge that is relevant, up to date and practical as it is shared with us.  Please continue to send Ruth Edge any articles you wish to share.

Thank you to Marie Steer, City of Port Phillip for the article regarding deletion of records.

Thank you in advance

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