Records Management in the News – July – September 2017

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Artificial intelligences (ai) seems to be breaking into the news, featured in magazines and online blogs, and promoted in the latest movies. While last year was called the year of the digital Tsunami, this year appears to shaping into the dawn of artificial intelligence. We are told it will touch every person and every aspect of our lives. Every job will have a place for ai. Some jobs will be replaced all together. Others will morph into focussing on more add value tasks that computers cannot handle. This topic can be highly emotive. Opinions are divided as to the value added to the human experience. China and Japan have already embraced robotics coupled with ai to replace customer service/concierge roles, some policing and are storming full steam ahead in this race to develop the technology uses.
ABC’s Compass team on the 8th August, and Lateline that date and the next, continue the discussion on ai, risks, complexities, myths and value. They are well worth a look.
Artificial intelligence and automation are coming
Upon reading these articles I considered “how vulnerable is the records managers job? This is what the results show:-

How vulnerable are Records Manager jobs with the introduction of Artifical Intelligence