Getting The Most Out Of Google Drive

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As we move further into integrating technology into our daily work process; our information, documents, files, and archives are moving off our physical desks and onto our digital desktops. Convenient for storage? Definitely, but carrying a file with you or distributing it across organisations is no longer as simple as putting it in your hand and finding the photocopier. That’s where ‘cloud’ based storage services (like the free service Google Drive) come in handy, storing any file of any type online for you to access from anywhere that you can find an internet connection.

By utilising Google Drive you can be free of the weight of carrying around your filing cabinet but not be tied down to only working from a single computer. Wether it’s a different office, a convention, a coffee shop or your smart-phone; anywhere you can connect to your Google Drive you have complete access to your files. Getting information in front of someone (or a whole group of people) is now as simple as adding their name to a list, and a while working group can write, edit and comment on a document simultaneously.

If you’re ready to give it a try, here’s an article with some helpful advice on getting started and making the most out of using Google Drive:

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