People Management – Invest in your People

People Management – Invest in your People

There is an alarming shortage of skilled records and information management professionals looming. Many experienced practitioners have retired and many others diverted to other professions. As the demand for skilled staff grows, other professions are recognising the opportunities that the profession offers, particularly is it diversifies with the technology advances and global influences push us to work more digitally. Social and business demand has driven us to think of new and better ways of protecting and management information assets.  And this offers a great opportunity for us to work with our network to mentor and grow others and ourselves to meet those demands and satisfy customers, reporting bodies and our employers.

Would you like to be a mentor?

Would you like to be mentored?

Would you like to participate in mentoring workshops?

The Committee are developing a mentor/mentee program and need your input to create a program fit for purpose.

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