Management – Managing your Business Unit

Management – Managing you Business Unit

There are many models for establishing a good records management culture within your organisation. You may belong to a small rural agency or be part of a large city Council. Regardless of the size of your organisation, the principles of establishment, development and maintenance of a good records management program are the same.

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  1. Template Compliance Monitoring Program
  2. Template Key Perfomance Indicator’s for Local Government
  3. Template KPI Example Reports Editable
  4. Template KPI Example Reports PDF
  5. Template Register for Compliance Monitoring Program
  6. Records Management Compliance Framework – Business Unit – 2017
  7. Example – Digitisation Plan – Information Management – Pre-Action Conversion – Incoming Correspondence – 2017
  8. FINAL Example – RM Business Unit Compliance – 2017
  9. FINAL 1.0 Business Applications and Records Policy 2017
  10. FINAL 1.a Business Application Record Keeping Functional Requirements 2017
  11. FINAL 1.c Business Application Decommissiong Procedure 2017
  12. FINAL 1.c.1 Business Application Decomissioning Register 2017 
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