Purpose Statement – Preserve

Ruth ECM

  • Council should keep and manage their electronic records in compliance with standards approved under the State Records Act and with Australian Standard AS ISO 15489, Records Management issued as a code of best practice under the Act. The Government expects the same standards of recordkeeping to apply in the electronic environment as in the paper environment.
  • Council should identify all their electronic recordkeeping systems, document them, including changes made over time, and assign responsibilities and delegations regarding their development, modification, operation and use.
  • Where electronic records and records in other forms document the same business activities or matters, agencies should manage these records in such a way that all relevant records can be easily retrieved and the relationships between the records are clear.
  • Maintaining electronic records and providing official and public access to them over time, including as State archives, involves shared responsibilities between agencies and Public Records Office Victoria (PROV). Council should cooperate with PROV to establish arrangements for the long-term management of electronic records and for providing access to them.

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