Enable – Purpose Statement

Ruth ECM

A full lifecycle program involves the following:-

  • Manage: is the process of developing, implementing and operating overarching management control systems covering Governance, Audit & Monitoring, Compliance Management, Risk Management, Security Management, Content Management – Search & Retrieve, Library Services (Check-in,Check-Out), Version Control, Audit Control, Tracking and Business Process Management
  • Capture: is the process of identifying content within council’s business domain that needs to be managed and the subsequent processes of capturing it in a form that can be sustainably processed within the ECM framework.
  • Store and Preserve: is the process of placing the content in a repository that can be accessed as and when required by council over the length of time for which council are required to retain the information; preservation will ensure that when the content is searched and retrieved that it is readable and the original meaning embedded in the information is able to be reconstructed.
  • Deliver: the process of delivering the content from the repository to the identified users in the form required.
  • Enable: the provision of enablers that are necessary to deliver the required service

The ECM Step Program is committed to providing essential support to practitioner members in the development and sharing of knowledge, skills and capacity to meet to requirements of best practice ECM.

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