Digital Media Integration Strategy May Meeting

Ruth ECM, Minutes

John Hennessey opened the meeting by introductions and listing the purpose for the meeting.  John brought key Step Program representatives together and addressed us with the following:-

  1. What we all do and why we’re all here

Introduction of Future of Local Government – central hub site concept

  1. The history and development IT vs. Digital Media

Managing IT hardware is an entirely separate skill to managing digital media e.g. websites, twitter etc.

Overview of some of the open source tools that are available that may be able to do what they need for little or no cost and better than what we can build ourselves as stand alone platforms.

  1. What is a website in 2013?

We take a quick look at what a web presence can do in 2013

  1. What is the purpose for your website?

Thinking of a website as a magazine can help to ensure it remains up to date, fresh and includes a ‘content management plan’.  For example, who are your main contributors?  Is anyone going to edit these contributions?

Additionally we will look at social media strategies and push pull methods of getting your message to your target audience.

  1. Where to from here?

Timelines, contacts, content collation

Meeting Report is attached.


Digital Media Integration Strategy