Capture – Purpose Statement

Ruth ECM

  • Council’s objectives for using information management and technology to deliver council services will be supported by maintaining electronic records in electronic form where it is appropriate to do so. Electronic records are more accessible and generally have greater value than printed versions of them. Some kinds of electronic records, such as compound documents, cannot be maintained in hard copy form without loss of content or meaning.
  • As agencies make more use of information management and technology to deliver services, conduct business and manage their information resources, they should establish ways of maintaining records generated in the electronic environment, and their associated metadata, in electronic form.
  • Council must establish policies, business rules, formal methodologies and procedures incorporating sound recordkeeping practices for recordkeeping in the electronic environment. These should conform to Government-wide standards, formats and models.
  • Establishing and operating effective electronic recordkeeping systems and practices within agencies requires a multidisciplinary approach. Agencies should make effective use of the necessary range of expertise available in the agency and elsewhere. This includes expertise in records management, information management and technology, business systems analysis and design, risk assessment, auditing and the law.

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