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MAV Business Classification Scheme

The MAV ECM Step Program participants in collaboration with the RIMPA Local Government Chapter Victoria are developing a Business Classification Scheme for the Sector based on Function, Activities, Transactions /Subject. The project aims to assist Councils apply standardised language and lifecycle controls from creation through to disposal or preservation.

The benefits of working together on common language will flow on to assist community and users of public records both current and future in discovery of their important information asset. One of the current difficulties of discovery is that language meaning changes over time and much historical information that has been used to describe many public records have lost contextual meaning. File and document naming that is based on organisational structure, personal preferences, localised language, acronymns, abbreviations lose meaning over time and the sector recognises that there are better ways of describing information for future discovery. Functions, activities and transactions remain consistent and therefore this is the approach the sector has agreed to adopt.

This project intends to use the collective knowledge of the sector to develop and maintain the naming conventions and business rules for control of local government records. The project deliverables include:-

1. A file naming convention based on function, activity and transaction/subject that is simple for record practitioners to apply

2. Scope notes that provide context to titling

3. Language that assists with linking to the General Retention Authorities from record creation/capture

4. Naming that Users can relate to their everyday work

5. Business Rules for Document Control to assist maintain/identify records of like together

The Business Classification Scheme is a living document, and will need to be continually reviewed in order to maintain its clarity and meaning.


Tender for Statewide Services

In June 2022 the current contract for storage, scanning and other support services will mature. Eleven years with our current provider, the landscape has undergone dramatic and rapid change, and it is time to test the market again.

The Committee is currently in the process of preparing to go out to tender early in 2022.

About the Tender

There are currently 64 councils who have signed to participate in the previous tender. All have been notified via the LGIG members that there is intention to go out to tender again in 2022.

Services provided include:

  • Offsite Storage Service
  • Provision of related Goods and Services
  • Courier Service
  • Image on Demand Service
  • Project Management of targeted bulk imaging (sector targeted record series) and individual council bulk scanning
  • Confidential Bin Service
  • Confidential Hard Copy Record Destruction Service
  • Image Data Storage Service
  • Professional Records and Information Management Services

The tender is being managed by MAV Procurement with support from select Committee members, as representatives of the sector.

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